Arinomien Auto Campingground has well-equipped facilities so that everyone can enjoy camping comfortably.

There are not only basic facilities such as a cooking place and dumping ground but also a laundry, a shower, a play area where children can play and a Japanese outdoor bath. Besides, you can use free Wi-Fi around office.

There is also a restaurant where you can eat vegetables harvested in the surrounding area.


We will provide comprehensive information such as check-in and check-out.
We also sell seasonings, camping supplies, vegetables, sweets and so on.
Opening hours: AM 8: 30 to PM 6: 00


It is installed in various places in the campground.
Hot water can be used in some kitchens.


It is a handmade playground that you can play happily in nature.
Stilts, basketball goals, slug lines are also installed.

Garbage station


It is a garbage dump with cleanliness. Please cooperate in sorting according to the instructions of staff when using.
Available time: AM10: 00 to AM11: 00 and PM4: 00 to PM4: 30


We prepared a convenient laundry for summer and long stay.
Rates: 200 yen for washing machine, 300 yen for dryer


Hot water showers are available. Shampoo and body soap are attached.
When using, please pay the fee in advance by management etc.
Rates: One person 20 minutes 300 yen

Farm Restaurant 【Verdure Ricco】

Verdure Ricco is a farm restaurant that uses only locally harvested vegetables.

Vegetables made in this area are very delicious in Japan. You can fully enjoy taste of vegetables.

Please enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese vegetables.

View Verdure Ricco

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