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Enjoy Strawberry Picking in Japan: Arinomi Farm’s Family and Pet-Friendly Experience


【Supervised by campground staff】Arinomi Campsite in Chiba, Japan, offers both camping and strawberry picking.

Located amidst nature and easily accessible from Narita Airport, the site is perfect for those looking to combine outdoor activities.

This article highlights the allure of strawberry picking at the adjoining Arinomi Farm, promising a memorable experience.

Hello! I’m Coffel-kun, the fairy of Arinomi Auto Campground! Feel free to ask me anything about camping!

Could you tell me about the strawberry picking at Arinomi Auto Campground in Japan? Is it true that I can enter with my pet dog?

Sure! Arinomi Auto Campground offers strawberry picking that everyone from children to adults and dogs can enjoy. One of the attractions is the opportunity to taste and compare 11 different types of strawberries. Arinomi staff will introduce you to the charms of their strawberry picking!


Arinomi Auto Campground in Sanmu City, Chiba, is a campsite surrounded by greenery and farms. It offers clean air and fresh products, allowing for seasonal camping. The campground has divided sites, excellent facilities, and various events like crafting and harvesting. The staff is eager to welcome everyone.

For more information about the Arinomi Auto Campground, please visit their official website. You can find details about their facilities, events, and booking options there.:https://arinomi.co.jp/

※This article was created based on the expertise of the staff at Arinomi Auto Campground and the feedback from campers who love Arinomi, as well as campers nationwide.

When Is the Best Season for Strawberry Picking in Japan?

In Japan, the best season for strawberry picking generally spans from December to May, varying by region. This period allows for the enjoyment of the freshest and most flavorful strawberries, offering a unique experience in the local agricultural landscape. Visitors can engage in this popular activity, savoring the taste of freshly picked berries right from the farm. For those planning a visit, it’s advisable to check local farm schedules as peak seasons can vary.

The Charm of Strawberry Picking at Arinomi Auto Campground

Arinomi Auto Campground stands out nationwide as one of the few places offering both camping and strawberry picking, along with the chance to harvest seasonal vegetables. This unique combination enhances the camping experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking an integrated nature retreat. Visitors also appreciate the on-site sale of fresh strawberries and vegetables, which can be taken back to their camping spots for cooking into meals or desserts.

【11 Varieties of Strawberries! Enjoy Safe and Delicious Low-Pesticide Cultivation】

Arinomi Farm offers a total of eleven different strawberry varieties!


Kaorino(かおり野): Fragrant aroma

Amaotome(あまおとめ): High sweetness, top-rated

Benihoppe(紅ほっぺ): Delicious enough to ‘fall off your cheeks’

Shinkunomisuzi(真紅の美鈴): Known as ‘Black Strawberry’, rich in anthocyanins

Tochiotome(とちおとめ): The king of strawberries

Chiba Berry(チーバーベリー): Large and juicy, born in Chiba

Yayoihime(やよい姫): Bright red, mild acidity

Koiminori(恋みのり): Heart-shaped with a peach-like fragrance

Mouikko(もういっこ): Refreshingly sweet, making you want more

Yumenoka(ゆめのか): Symbolizes ‘everyone’s dream coming true’

Fusanoka(ふさのか): Peach-scented, low in acidity

Arinomi Farm cultivates a wide variety of unique strawberries. They offer a 40-minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking experience, allowing visitors to enjoy tasting different varieties. Favorite strawberries can be purchased as souvenirs at the center house, making the visit both enjoyable and memorable.

【Strawberry Picking During Camping Breaks!】

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

During the strawberry picking season, many visitors enjoy strawberry picking before checking into or after checking out of their campsite. Depending on availability, it’s also possible to go strawberry picking after setting up your tent. Even if you’re not staying at the campground, you are welcome to join in the strawberry picking fun.

【Bring Your Dog Along for Strawberry Picking♪】

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

At Arinomi Farm, you can enjoy strawberry picking with your dog! There’s an entry fee of ¥1,000 per dog, with a maximum of three dogs allowed in the strawberry house. During the visit, please use a pet cart or carry your dog, but note that large breeds are not permitted. After picking strawberries, dogs can play in the on-site dog run. Of course, dogs are also welcome to stay at the campground, allowing you to enjoy both camping and strawberry picking.

【Elevated Cultivation for Easy Picking, Accessible for Wheelchair Users】

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

The strawberry fields at Arinomi Farm are elevated, allowing for easy picking without bending down. The pathways are also wide, making the experience accessible and enjoyable for individuals in wheelchairs.

Everyone can enjoy picking thanks to the accessible setup.

【A Rich Selection of Strawberry Souvenirs】

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

At the campground’s center house, they sell souvenirs like fresh strawberries, strawberry jam butter made from 100% ripe Arinomi Farm strawberries, and strawberry dressing free from chemical seasonings. You can also purchase strawberries for souvenirs there. Additionally, strawberry delivery is available, so feel free to ask the campground staff for more details!

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

Shaved strawberries, priced at ¥500, are also popular.

Rates, Seasons, and Operating Hours for Strawberry Picking at Arinomi Farm

Arinomi Farm offers 40-minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking.

Open from 9:00 to 15:00, times may vary.

【2024 Price List (Payable Locally, Tax Included)】

2024March 22 – April 7March 22 – April 7〜5月中旬After Mid-May
(Elementary Age and Above)
(4-6 Years)
(Under 3 Years)

Dogs allowed: ¥1,000 each, up to three dogs, with restrictions for large breeds. Campground has a dog run, entry with cart or in arms only.

How to Enjoy Strawberry Picking Tips and guidelines for a fruitful picking experience.

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

Strawberry picking registration is at the Center House, the same location as the campground’s main reception.

Staff will guide you to the strawberry houses.

Please note that the registration process may change depending on how crowded it is.

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

At Arinomi Farm, you can enjoy strawberry picking in either the South or North building, but please note that you’ll be assigned to one or the other, not both.

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

You can also enjoy eating strawberries under the blue sky at the terrace seating. It’s dog-friendly, so visitors with dogs can use it with peace of mind.

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

Upon arrival at the strawberry house, please first sanitize your hands with alcohol.

Then, after receiving instructions from the staff, you can start the strawberry picking, which is a 40-minute all-you-can-eat buffet style. You’ll be provided with special gloves and a container before you begin.

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

Strawberries are best when they’re shiny and fully red.

At Arinomi Farm, strawberries are pollinated by bees. Even during strawberry picking, bees continue their work of creating strawberries.As long as you don’t disturb them, they won’t bother you, so let’s enjoy the strawberry picking quietly!

Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場
Photo by 有野実苑オートキャンプ場

It will be buffet style, so pick strawberries in a special case and eat your fill at your table!

Sweet and very tasty!

Conclusion: Enjoy Both Camping and Strawberry Picking at Arinomi Auto Campground

Before checking in for camping, visitors can enjoy strawberry picking at the Arino Jitsuen Auto Campsite.
This year 2024, the Arino Jitsu Farm grows about 11 varieties of strawberries.


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